About the Job

At Tiny Mile, We are excited and strongly believe that putting robots in the streets would solve the last mile delivery problem. A category defining moment in the last mile delivery where we make it sustainable, ecological and affordable for our customers providing a safe and contactless delivery option.

As a robot technician you will be working directly with the robots every day. The main responsibility being repairs and troubleshooting of any mechanical, electrical and software issues in order to maintain an operational fleet. This position is the crucial link that connects robot operations with engineering and development research.

The Basics:

  • This is a full time position
  • Most of the duties are performed in-person at the robot operations office during operation hours: 9am - 7pm
  • Office location between South End and Charlotte City Center
  • Capable of occasionally lifting 75lb (32kg)

Who are we?

At Tiny Mile, we are making last-mile delivery faster, cheaper and greener by deploying remotely-piloted electric sidewalk robots that provide a safe, contactless delivery option to our restaurant, pharmacy, and retail partners and their customers.

We are backed by amazing investors who believe Tiny Mile has hit an inflection point in going after a huge market, and are excited to continue growing our team with more mission-driven builders keen on "rolling up their sleeves" and making their own seat on the rocket ship.

Why it matters?

  • Transportation sector is highest polluting, accounting for 29% of greenhouse gas emissions, with urban last-mile delivery emissions set to increase by 30% by 2030 due to rise in e-commerce. Our robots use as much electricity as a lightbulb, are fully electric, and free up congested road space by "right-sizing" vehicles used for local small parcel delivery.
  • If delivery was reliable, instantaneous and uber-affordable, shaving off 1-2 hours a week on shopping trips would give Toronto's 2.93 million residents almost 6 million cumulative hours of extra time to spend with their families and activities they actually enjoy and care about.
  • Transportation has always been the backbone of the economy and delivery robots will ease trade and foster unprecedented economic growth - just imagine getting medication from the local pharmacy delivered for less than it costs to get the prescription filled.

Here is what we need your help with:

  • Upkeep robot operations within Charlotte by repairing and maintaining a fleet of delivery robots.
    • Knowledge of electrical fundamentals. Voltage, current, batteries, DC motors, KCL, etc. Experience working with multimeters, oscilloscopes, wires, connectors, crimpers is a bonus.
    • Confidence using power tools, hand tools, and precision tools. Ability to work with sheet metal, screws, bolts, nuts.
    • Willingness to learn. Linux OS (such as Ubuntu). Using command line and bash scripts.
  • Manage robot repair shop such as maintaining spare parts inventory and tools. Having strong organization with respect to the workshop allows repairs to be done smoothly and efficiently.
  • Interacting with remote pilots and dispatchers to track robots’ status. Communication with robot operators is important for identifying robot issues and updating operational schedule. This allows the team to stay informed in a fast paced setting.
  • Rescuing robots and food in case of emergencies by cargo bike or car
    • Robot rescues: Check if robot can be restored to operation on site. Example: power cycle the robot. If not then the robot has to returned to the office location for repairs.
    • Cargo rescue: the items meant to be delivered by a robot need to be hand delivered to the address.
  • A higher degree in Mechatronics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or similar is preferred but not required.

This position is perfect for candidates eager to jump into the field of mobile robotics and learn more about a state-of the art delivery robot. Fast-learners will particularly exceed in this position due to a plethora of new and exciting features being introduced to the robots on regular basis.

Please apply here if you’re interested in this role. If you’d like to know more about our interview process and the benefits we offer, check out our career page. And if you have any questions, please send us a message.

Looking forward to hearing from you!