We combine imagination with an initiative to bring ideas to reality. Our aim is to make great leaps with the work we do.

Defining Tiny Mile

Always Discovering
We believe that the smartest people are the ones who are predisposed to learn. We’ll never place a limit on research, exploration, and discovering more.

Be Harsh With Problems, Respect Each Other
Listen attentively, speak candidly, and never compromise your opinions for the sake of social cohesion. Challenge your teammates, as well as yourself.

It’s not about following a leader, but encouraging leadership from every member by sharing obstacles, motivating each other, and giving our colleagues the indepence they need to help elevate the group.

Inclusion & Equality
Tiny Mile is made up of an eclectic mix of voices, interests, and specialties - people from all walks of life that will help shape our vision of the future.

We grow from our mistakes as much as we do our successes. Tiny Mile is a space for experimentation, and when we fail, we share it widely so that the rest of the team can learn.

Do More With Less
Tiny Mile’s progress is a result of the tenacious, resilient minds behind it. We’re committed to raising the industry standard with a small team and limited resources

  • Work from Home

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Cultivate Valuable Relationships

  • Make an Impact in a New Field

  • A Fun, Fast-Paced Environment