Drive our robots at home, remotely and get paid to do it! Click this video to see it in action ->

Tiny Mile is a startup building adorable delivery robots in downtown Toronto, where we strive to make our service affordable for both merchants and eaters through a unique blend of technological and operational excellence. We are looking for pilots to help us deliver goods from our partners to their customers, and all from comfort of your home.

Tiny Mile is an equal opportunity employer - we are seeking to create compelling opportunities for inclusion to help Canadians with disabilities meet their employment needs. Anyone can pilot one of our robots! We highly encourage candidates from all walks of life, regardless of race, religion, sex, age, or disability status, to join our team and contribute their unique ideas, experiences, and values to our vision of the future. While the technology may be sophisticated, it is the individuals behind it that truly give our robots their worth.


The quality of our remote pilots is a top priority of our company - we succeed if people get their orders on-time. Ideal candidates are those who will help us to safely integrate Geoffrey with Toronto's streets, combining their own enthusiasm with our robots' operation standards to ensure each interaction is a positive one.

  • Able to work Tuesday to Saturday during 11:30am - 03:30pm (Afternoon) or 3:30pm - 07:30pm (Evening)
    • Tiny Mile offers the opportunity for pilots to increase their hours to full-time (11:30am - 07:30pm) based on sufficient experience
  • Safe a reliable service is crucial - pilots must drive attentively and prioritize the welfare of others
  • Must have access to the following equipment in order to effectively pilot our robots:
    • An internet speed above or equal to 15 mbps. Check using Bell Toronto Canada as the server. Please attach the results to your resume
    • An available officially licensed wired Xbox One or PS4 controller
    • Chrome as a browser
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Enthusiastic learners with an interest in advancing technologies
  • A team player - someone who takes the initiative to help contribute with feedback and help grow with the team
  • The ability to effectively navigate Downtown Toronto
  • Previous experience with video games is a plus


  • Transport goods from merchants to eaters in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with the dispatching team to ensure delivery performance meets company expectations
  • Avoid risk or injury to Torontonians by maintaining Tiny Mile's product safety standards
  • Provide feedback to executive team on how to improve our process as we scale - Tiny Mile's always listening!

Tiny Mile promises a diverse work environment, bringing together an eclectic group of experiences, expertise, and interests. Importantly, we are a team of avid and constant learners - we're looking for someone who is not only motivated to succeed, but who also exemplifies a desire to discover.